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2017.  Construction of VAPIANO restaurant in TC Rajiceva in Belgrade
Investor: VAPIANO Rajiceva doo, Belgrade The 700 m2 Vapiano restaurant in TC Rajiceva is part of a chain of around 150 such restaurants in Europe. Knowing the firm's experience in building Mc DONALDS  restaurants, the Investor entrusted the business to Alfing in a very short time. Doing business in 7 weeks, according to the usual 12 in Europe, was a challenge for the firm. Alfing achieved deadline and quality on all architectural, construction, installation and craftwork projects by collaborating with a couple of foreign firms on the same projects

2005. Reconstruction of Mc DONALDS Restaurant on Banovo Brdo, Belgrade
Investor: Mc DONALDS , Belgrade "The Investor has selected a Contractor (Alfing) knowing that it has been proven in the works of complete reconstruction of the Mc DONALDS Restaurant premises.  Mc DONALDS restaurants in Belgrade that demanded speed, night work and quality

1998. Construction of Mc DONALDS restaurant in Jagodina
Investor: Mc DONALDS, Belgrade The restaurant is 250 m2 and is located on the ground floor of a department store in the center of Jagodina. It was completed in record time

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