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2018. The 1180 m2 Po + Pr + 3 apartment building is the first building where Alfing doo, Belgrade and Harizma doo, Belgrade, is an investor ie. a home seller for the market. 

2016. Upgrading of residential building P + 5 in Ul. Hadzi Melentijeva, Vracar

Investor: Mr. Dusan Skuletic

2004/5 Reconstruction of residential building in Kosovska 30 (10 apartments) in Belgrade

Investor: RAD a.d. Belgrade

2003/4  Construction of residential building in 64 Franca Rozmana Street (Sime Igumanova), Belgrade

Investor: YU SITE Engineering, Belgrade

2001/2  Construction of residential building in st. Dragan Pavlovic (Duke of Hrvoje) in Belgrade

Investor: Housing cooperative PROSTOR, Belgrade   

Residential building Su + Pr + 2 measuring 850 m2 is located on Pasha Hill. New '' turnkey '' built

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