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2021  Rebranding g .s. MOL in Loznica


2021   Reconstruction of the toilet on g.s. MOL Presevo

2021     Making new ceilings on g.s. MOL Presevo, Jagodina and Markovac


2021    Production of vertical signalization on the highway for g.s. MOL Horgos 1 and 2, Rumenka 1 and 2, Batrovci 1 and 2 and Markovac

2020   Rebranding

G.S. MOL  pumps in Crvenka

2020   Rebranding  Flux / MOL  pumps at Konjarnik

in Belgrade

2019.   Reconstruction of OMV Car Wash  in Yuri Gagarin Street in New Belgrade

2019.   Rebranding g.s. MOL in Svilajnac

2018   Rebranding g.s. MOL-2 in Kragujevac

2018   Rebranding g.s. MOL in Sabac

2018   Construction of a residential building Po + Pr + 2 + Pot

at 1 Budmanijeva Street in Belgrade

2017   Construction of the Vapiano restaurant in the Rajićeva Shopping Center in Belgrade

2017   Upgrading of the battery charging station in the Heineken brewery in Zajecar

2017   Upgrading of the battery charging station in the Heineken brewery in Novi Sad

2016   Upgrade of the residential building P + 5 in Hadži Melentijeva Street, Vračar, Belgrade

2016   Rebranding g.s.  MOL "Pyramid" in Novi Sad

2016   Rebranding g.s. MOL-1 in Kragujevac

2015   Reconstruction of "Banjica" and "Braće Jerković" markets in Belgrade

2015  Awning on  g.s. MOL "Horgos 1", in Horgos

2014/5.  Reconstructions of the JJ ZMAJ kindergarten;  PJ "Mila Jeftović", PJ "Petar Pan"  and PJ "Uncle Andra",

PU "Chika Jova Zmaj", Belgrade

2014   Rebranding g.s. MOL "Medaković", Belgrade

2014     Reconstruction of the hall of the watch factory "Insa"

in Belgrade

2013   Construction of g.s. MOL "Južni bulevar", with retaining wall h = 7 m, l = 50 m, Belgrade

2013   Reconstruction of toilets in primary and secondary schools of the Republic of Serbia in Sjenica, Nova Varoš

and Ivanjica

2012   Rebranding g.s. NIS-GASPROM "Požega" in Požega

2012   Rebranding g.s. NIS-GASPROM "Sevojno 1"

in Sevojno

2011   Construction of the Visitor Center "Stara Planina"

in Pirot

2010   Renovation of the basement space - Museum of the National Theater  in Belgrade

2010   Reconstruction of the KN-26 facility in the "Živojin Mišić" barracks, Valjevo

2010   Reconstruction of the VTI KN-54 facility in the barracks  "Zharkovo", Belgrade

2009.   Reconstruction of the walkway of the Home for Students of the PTT School, Belgrade

2008   Reconstruction of facilities KN-17, KN-26 and KN-14 in the barracks "Vasa Čarapić", facility KN-9 in the barracks "Banjica"

and the KN-12 facility in the Kneževac barracks in Belgrade

2007/8.  Reconstruction of the facade of the House of Students of the PTT High School ("Big Home"), Belgrade

2006/7.   Construction of g.s. MOL "Kraljevo" in Kraljevo

2006     Upgrading the roof of the FRIKOM Administration Building

in Padinska Skela

2006     Adaptation of the Health Center in Grocka

2005/6.   Construction of g.s. MOL "Krnjača" in Belgrade

2004/5.   Reconstruction of a residential building in Kosovska 30

(10 apartments) in Belgrade

2005   Reconstruction g.s. MOL "City oil", Višnjica

in Belgrade

2005   Reconstruction of Mc DONALDS restaurant on Banovo Brdo, Belgrade

2004   Reconstruction of the Residence of the Danish Embassy

in Belgrade

2003/4.   Construction of a residential building at 64 Franca Rozmana Street (Sime Igumanova), Belgrade

2003   Construction of a kindergarten on the Satellite Market in Novi Sad

2002   Construction of a kindergarten in Klisa in Novi Sad

2002   Construction of a kindergarten in Kać (near Novi Sad)

2001/2.  Construction of a residential building in st. Dragan Pavlović (Vojvode Hrvoje) in Belgrade

2000/1.  Construction of EFG bank in Macvanska No. 3, Belgrade

1998   Construction of Mc DONALDS restaurant in Jagodina

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